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Boilers work by heating up water and circulating it through radiators throughout a home. Some systems turn the water to steam, and others use only hot water. The generated heat from both these systems radiates out into the living space as the steam or water cools. The water is circulated back to the boiler through a return pipe where it is reheated. Gas and oil-fired boilers both work efficiently to circulate warm water or steam through your radiant heating system. Boilers are mainly suitable for homes without the ductwork required for a forced air heating system.


Upgrading your boiler to a modern version has its advantages:

  • Smart controls measure the outdoor temperature and use the reading to adjust the heat loss in your home
  • Variable gas input - modern boilers have the ability to adjust the input of gas across a range, as opposed to older boilers which only have two settings; full capacity and off
  • Space saving - because of their smaller design
  • Can be more economical and more efficient than forced air systems
  • No dust
  • They run quietly
  • Eliminate drafts while distributing heat evenly
  • Environmental credit
  • A simpler installation


An older boiler may be costing you money instead of offering exceptional value. Some older model boilers consume a high amount of gas, are not always reliable, have the potential to leak and operate very noisily. A new boiler installed by a Furnasman Home Comfort Specialist alleviates all of these hassles.


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