Keep every corner of your home fresh and cool in summer’s heat


Keeping your home cool throughout the heat of summer is beautifully achieved by a forced air air conditioning system. The system consists of two key pieces of equipment and operates under the power of your furnace. Inside your house, a cooling coil (more correctly known as an evaporator coil) is fitted to the top of the furnace and contains refrigerant. Air is transferred in a similar manner to when you heat your home in the winter except the temperatures are reversed. Return air vents draw warm air from the rooms in your home back to the furnace where it is passed over the cooling coil. Cooled air is vented back into your home to provide welcome relief from the heat. The heat from your home is passed to the second element of your A/C system, an outdoor unit that houses the condenser coil. This is where the heat is released to the outside environment.


In order to keep the cooled air feeling fresh, rather than damp or clammy, a forced air A/C system also reduces humidity. That damp chill can occur when you have a unit that is too large for your home. Furnasman’s home comfort experts will recommend the right size and type of system for your home’s size and your family’s needs.


Energy efficiency and other benefits to forced air A/C systems

Many forced air systems are powered by natural gas, which is energy efficient and better for the environment as a clean-burning fossil fuel. Saving on energy means saving on your energy bills, so you get to stay cool about your home’s comfort and your budget.


Call Furnasman to talk to us about your air conditioning requirements, or to book a maintenance or repair appointment for the system you already have. We’re here to help.

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