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Forced air furnaces do an excellent job of ensuring that warmth permeates everywhere in your home. They require a system of ducts to channel air to and from your furnace, which reaches you through vents in each room. As the warm air is released to create a comfortable environment for you and your family, another set of air return vents draw in cooler air and return it to your furnace to be warmed again. This cycle continues at intervals to ensure the temperature you set on your thermostat is maintained.


How forced-air furnaces work

When cooler air from your home is moved back to the furnace through the ductwork, it passes through a filter to help remove dust and other particles that are unavoidable in the air in your home. The air is then warmed by passing over the heat source, commonly powered by natural gas or other fuels such as propane, before it is propelled back out into your home. The blower manages this flow of cooler and warmer air by drawing in the cool air for heating while moving the warm air back into the duct system to warm each room.


The advantages of forced air furnaces

  • Natural gas forced air furnaces have become up to 96% efficient, providing cost savings and environmental benefits
  • Heat is effectively transmitted to every room in your home evenly for maximum comfort
  • Air filtration options improve the air quality in your home.
  • Fresh air is drawn from the outdoors as well as from the rooms in your home, as opposed to older furnaces that drew air from their immediate surroundings, which were most commonly basements
  • Adding air conditioning is most easily done in a forced air system
  • Straightforward installation gets you up and running quickly


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