Efficient and cost effective residential hot water heaters with natural gas


Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels in use to power our homes, which is why gas water heaters are increasingly popular with homeowners. In addition to the benefits for the environment, it is also an affordable option when it comes to your energy costs.


Benefits of gas water heaters:

  • Tank water heaters heat water at a steady and consistent rate to use power more conservatively and keep costs down
  • Homeowners have the flexibility to adjust the speed of heating and the end temperature
  • Continues working even when the power is out
  • Types of gas water heaters


Gas is the method of heating the water, and it can be applied to both of the prevalent types of water heaters: tanks and tankless water heaters. There are also options for how these systems are vented, including conventional, direct and power vent.


Whether you choose natural gas or propane, tank or tankless, gas water heaters are a highly effective way to make sure your home’s hot water supply is reliable and affordable. Contact Furnasman to learn more about gas water heaters and we’ll find you the perfect fit.

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