Dry, uncomfortable air is in the past when you add a humidifier to your home comfort system


Winter takes its toll on us, both out of doors and inside our homes and offices. While our indoor spaces are certainly warmer, away from the snow-squalls and chilling winds, they can have their own share of discomfort. Warm air from a forced air furnace is dry and can cause dry, sore throats, dry skin, static electricity, and it can make you vulnerable to colds and flus. It can even get to the surfaces in your home, causing hardwood floors to crack, wallpaper to peel and houseplants to wither.


Furnasman can help restore your home to the warm and comfortable oasis it should be. A humidifier can be installed in your existing duct system as an add-on, and it emits a water vapour that makes everyone more comfortable. An integrated humidistat on the unit lets you control the amount of humidity that is suitable for you.


Humidifiers can also help to reduce your energy costs because humid air feels warmer. As a result, you can set the temperature a little lower while still maintaining the same level of comfort. This simple change can significantly reduce your heating costs over the course of the winter.


Humidifiers are great for homes with forced air furnaces because they:

  • Protect you and your family from viruses that you’re susceptible to when you have a dry throat and nasal passages. Breathing in general is just better with some humidity added back in to your home’s environment.
  • Static electricity is less of a hassle
  • Energy costs are reduced
  • You’re in control of the humidity settings so you can set it to your preferences
  • Flooring, wallpaper, plants and other elements of your home are protected from the potential of cracking, peeling, and wilting caused by dry air


Find out if a humidifier is right for your existing furnace system. Talk to an expert at Furnasman today.

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