Sinks for Every Purpose in Your Home


Sinks are both an everyday convenience and a potential decorative asset in our kitchens and bathrooms. On the functional side, every sink has a few key components, including the basin, a faucet for receiving water, and a drain for disposing of it. If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, this is another element that is connected to the sink.


On the decorative side, you can choose from a variety of materials and styles for your sink, including the following:

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are found in most kitchens because they can handle the unique variables of a kitchen including boiling water drained from a pot or icy foods from the freezer in need of thawing. They’re also tough and long-lasting, as well as easy to clean, standing up well to strong scrubbings.


Enamel and/or Ceramic Sinks

Possibly the next most common type of sink found in many homes is enamel coated over stronger cast iron or steel. Suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms, they have similar temperature tolerances as stainless steel, but are more easily chipped or otherwise damaged, which can also lead to corrosion. They are available in a wide range of colours to suit your decor, but must be cleaned carefully to maintain their gleaming surfaces.


Ceramic sinks share many attributes with enamel coated sinks, but as they are ceramic throughout, they will not experience corrosion if chipped or damaged.


Plastic Sinks

Perhaps the most common application for plastic sinks is in the laundry room. Made of inexpensive injection-molded thermoplastics, they are susceptible to heat damage, but the heat would need to be quite extreme to make an impact. Many are free-standing units connected to your plumbing system while others can be mounted into counters.



The oldest sinks in history may have been made of stone, and today stone sinks are a luxury choice. Selections include marble, granite, travertine and onyx to create an elegant effect in your home’s bathrooms.


Glass, Copper, Concrete and Terrazzo

The most decorative sink options are available in glass, concrete and terrazzo as they can be formed into unique shapes using a wide range of colours. Conversely, concrete and terrazzo are also sometimes applicable for industrial sinks, depending on the end use.


High-end acrylic drop-in (lowered into the countertop) and under mounted (attached from the bottom) sinks are popular, and may also be made to form "solid surface" countertops.


The plumbing professionals at Furnasman have the know-how to help you understand which type of sink is right for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. We’ll also provide expert installation and any repairs or service you may need. Contact us today to learn more.

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