Save energy and space while having hot water available in an instant


Traditional hot water heaters consist of a tank, often situated in your basement, where water is stored and kept hot, ready to be sent out through the pipes to your faucet at any time. Tankless hot water heaters take a new approach to providing you and your family with the same convenience. Instead of storing and pre-heating the water, when a tap is turned on anywhere in your home, tankless systems heat the water in an instant before sending it out to your faucet.


Find out why tankless hot water heaters are so popular:

  • Water is only heated when it’s needed, which is far more energy efficient but provides the same instant access to hot water that you expect
  • A smaller unit it mounted on a wall or within a cupboard, saving a remarkable amount of space
  • Longer life for your water heater with less potential for rust or leaks
  • Flexibility with units that provides hot water throughout your home, or to serve a specific and localized area, such as a bathroom located farther away from the central unit


A tankless hot water system has many benefits and advantages for your family to enjoy, and Furnasman is here to help you select the right model for your needs. Talk to us, and one of our home comfort experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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