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The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays play a powerful role in keeping outdoor air clean by destroying certain pollutants. Within our homes, it’s a different story. Indoor air pollution has become a significant issue over the years as we have sealed up all the drafts and openings through improvements in home construction. Our homes are practically airtight, so we are continually reusing the same air, cycling it through our ducts and furnaces and rooms where it can pick up dust, germs, and other contaminants, essentially polluting our indoor environments.Furnasman UV Air Purifier System


The good news is UV air purification technology allows you to bring a little of the sun’s power into your home. UV lights are strategically placed within your ducts and furnace to help eradicate the many particles travelling on air currents through your home. Medical and research facilities, including some hospitals, often use this same technology to protect patients and maintain “clean rooms”, and it is now available for your home.


Advantages of purifying your home’s air with a UV air purification system:

  • Germs, viruses, bacteria, odours, mould, mildew and dust can all be subdued to protect your family
  • Units are available for within forced air/duct-based home comfort systems or as separate components
  • Enjoy cleaner air quality within your home


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Furnasman UV Air Purifier System

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